Minoru Sato - eigen-state and the displacement
  Year :   1996
  Location :   Japan
  Worktype :   site-specific installation
  Materials:   or the collective works of WrK
  Info :   XEBEC hall

  Work Details  
  Some of conditions as provided or given place are not only to specify the spherical co-ordinates but also to specify the function in place and an inherentlity of the state framing place that wed call the inherentlity of state to eigen-state. Both functionality and inherentlity have to be defined by action/process in time. Therefore place has to be normalized in time and space. In this sense, state is physical or technological or epistemological structure supposing the function and the spherical location in place. And then the inherentlity is meaning some restriction that becomes conditions to stand as this structure. Generally we have overlooked an aspect of this state differently from the shape and the function of place . The other hand the inherentlity which has become a system of understructure quite normalizes dispositions of the shape and the function as place . In a way some physical or technological or epistemological specific eigen-state has affected to place in order to maintain as place . An art work concerning the eigen-state of place will be to realize some displacements to other eigen-state within the range of possible variation that maintains the conditions of specific eigen-state as affecting place. And then the work will be to re-normalize by the displacements that affect to eigen-state. In this project, WrK activates some eigen-state at XEBEC hall and we would appear the disposition of place that is re-normalized by microscopic displacements. (general concept written by m/s)