Hayley Newman - MiniFlux
  Year :   2005
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   Installation/Performance
  Materials:   Dimensions: Variable.
  Info :   Her Noise, South London Gallery, London, 10 November 2005 - 18 December 2005

  Work Details  
  In MiniFlux I reproduced, in miniature, over 1000 objects used and/or referenced in Fluxus musical scores. MiniFlux comprised of a printed list alongside roughly worked Plasticine models of the various objects. My original idea to house a collection of all the objects referenced in Fluxus scores looked impossible after I realised I would have to include a full orchestra, elephant and a wolf! So I decided it would be simpler to make miniature versions of these things. The work comes out of a long term interest in Fluxus; their strategies, events and humour. Part of my motivation to make MiniFlux came from an interest in how everyday objects were, and continue to be used in performance work. Historically performance practice is seen to come out of the activity of painting, this work proposed another route through sculpture via Marcel Duchamp, George Brecht and the readymade. On the 26th November 2005 musicians and artists were invited to devise a series of musical performances in response to the list. The evening was titled A Concert and took the form of a conventional concert with works by Anne Bean, The Bohman Brothers, Bruce Gilbert and Margarita Gluzberg. * Adhesive tape * Needle * Quarter * Rubber tubes * Drum skin * Airmail envelope * Marching band * Screw * Red spray-paint * Hoist * Vin Rosť * Change * Mirrors * Bowler hat * Pants * Megaphone * Racket * Cup of coffee * Plasma tank * A second item * Double bass * Foot switches * Gravedigger MiniFlux took place in the context of the exhibition Her Noise, artists included: Kim Gordon (US), Emma Hedditch (UK), Christina Kubisch (DE), Kaffe Matthews (UK), Hayley Newman (UK). Commissioned by Electra Productions for Her Noise in 2005, with funding from The Henry Moore Foundation, Elephant Trust and ACE. For further information on the Fluxus Performance Work Book, please visit www.performance-research.net. Her Noise [catalogue] Edited by Lina Dzuverovic and Anne Hilde Neset Published by forma ISBN: 0-9548288-1-X.