Hayley Newman - Chalmers Bequest (a project by Elizabeth Price) - the Librarian
  Year :   2002
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   Performance
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Hackney Museum, London, 5 December 2002 - 7 January 2003. Duration: 3 Days.

  Work Details  
  Since 1999 Elizabeth Price has been working on a project to fulfil the clauses of the 1927 will of Alexander Chalmers. In an exhibition at Hackney Museum she invited artists to enact clauses 6, 8 and 9: (9) Hayley Newman will stand-in for the Librarian and will undertake to label and describe the artworks. Hackney Museum is housed in the same building as Hackney Library and for three days I became an unofficial Librarian in the borough. With a matching brown corduroy jacket/skirt and copy card, I photocopied text from library books and periodicals to re-label artworks in the Alexander Chalmers Bequest. In the museum gallery these photocopied labels were stuck vertically and horizontally on the walls next to the corresponding artworks photocopies of book spines ran vertically, while titles/captions were positioned horizontally. Placing the titles between, above and below paintings and sculptures in the collection meant that individual works had more than one description attributed to them. A list of the revised labels has been printed in a book published by Elizabeth Price in 2005. CHALMERS BEQUEST (CLAUSES 6,8 and 9), 2003 Susanne Clausen and Alun Rowlands, Thursday 19 December, 5.30 7.30 pm; Charlotte Cullinan and Jeanine Richards (artlab), Saturday 21 December, 5.30 7.30 pm; Neil Cummings and Marysia Lewandowska, Thursday 12 December, 5.30 7.30 pm will act as collection attendants. (8) Matthew Thomson and Alan Brooks will stand-in for the undesignated manual or technical workers, and will undertake the transfer of the collection from storage and ready it for display. (9) Hayley Newman will stand-in for the Librarian and will undertake to label and describe the artworks: