Hayley Newman - You Scratch Mine and I’ll Scratch Yours
  Year :   1998
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   Fictional Performance
  Materials:   Cyberia Café (as a part of digital summer 1998), Manchester
  Info :   Part of Connotations Performance Images 1994-1998

  Work Details  
  Durational 6 hour DJ-ing session with the lovely Matt (Stockhausen and Walkman) Wand. Within the six hour session of malarkey and frivolity Matt and I played golden oldies whilst covered in cobwebs and Christmas music with records embellished by snow. Other activities included scratching with our right arms chained together, playing records with the needles covered with socks and promoting our new DJ-ing technique ‘The Knob’ – a door knob stuck on the surface of the record to aid a more fluid scratching action. Photo: Lawrence Lane