Hayley Newman - Connotations II
  Year :   2002
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   Series of Images
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Ikon Gallery, Birmingham

  Work Details  
  Connotations II consists of a series of 21 works. Connotations – Performance Images 1994-1998 appear as audience members in Connotations II. The following text panel accompanied the work: Connotations II shares a similar premise with Connotations – Performance Images 1994-1998, that is, to document a series of fictional interventions and performances and to explore the ways that text and image combine to create narrative. Using a variety of strategies, all of the fictions in this work are set in the city of Birmingham. The intention of this new series has been to consider the city through its fictionalisation. Informed by the work of Birmingham based writers Jim Crace and Roy Fisher, this series traces a literary model of invention. The narrative of the work, starting in the countryside and ending in the city centre, invokes the migration of populations to major cities. As the narrative develops, the performances become more central, their location higher as they are staged in the less accessible space of company boardrooms or offices and ending at the highest point in the city – its Telecom Tower. In contrast to Connotations – Performance Images 1994-1998, works in this series include video as well as actual performances. In Transmarketeering passengers on a specially modified Metro train were given the opportunity to buy fruit and vegetables on the Wolverhampton to Birmingham Snow Hill line. Whistle Concert, a musical concert of whistles made in collaboration with musicians Matt Wand, Steve Beresford and Mick Beck, was preceded by a tour of the J Hudson and Co. (Whistles) Ltd Factory. Finally, a performance at a Birmingham branch of Woolworth’s involved the act of looking at every item in the shop. These ‘actual’ performance works set alongside the ‘fictions’ are similarly represented as image and text. Video: Edited and shot by Gill Addison. Photographs: Charlie Murphy, Claire Morales and Chris Webb . Reviews: Michael Archer in Art Forum. Peter Suchin in Freize.