Hayley Newman - The Daily Hayley
  Year :   2001
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   Performance
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Matts Gallery, London, 2001

  Work Details  
  The Daily Hayley is the title of a performance work that took place over sixteen consecutive days between 15th and 30th September 2001 at Matt’s Gallery in London. Performances in the exhibition occurred between 12 and 6pm every day. Drawing on a six-month collection of national newspapers, this exhibition attempted to construct and explore relationships between an event and its mediation by re-animating news stories as performances. The Daily Hayley opened 4 days after the September 11 attacks. Much of the original performance work that critically addressed the trauma of witnessing shocking images and accompanying articles alongside gossipy reviews and inappropriate adverts was not easy to transpose in the wake of this event. Performances happened on or around a large Newsroom table and were performed wearing a pair of red contact lenses, causing continuous red-eye, a phenomena of flash photography. In addition to this, I massaged self-tanning lotion into my skin every day for the sixteen-day period; as my skin turned orange and blotchy, I became as saturated as the celebrities in the pages of the glossy weekend magazines I had been reading. I rolled in the newspapers, and rubbed them onto my skin in an attempt to absorb both their ink and content. I also sent off for special offers including a hat, book, binoculars and a set of wood patterns. I copied all my clothes from articles on fashion. In The Daily Hayley I ‘performed’ the act of performing, that is to say, I performed in a classic performance style: a method where the performer often remains silent, moves slowly and assumes a ‘neutral’ or deadpan manner. The content of the news stories formed the basis for The Daily Hayley; reports about Timothy McVeigh’s death in America were marked during the performance by an alarm at 1pm followed by another at 1.10pm indicating its time and duration, David Beckham became a vapour, maintaining a celebrity presence in the work as he does in the national press, an image of a tennis player with a ball hovering in front of his left eye was transposed by attaching a tennis ball to my face with packing–tape. The Daily Hayley video was made in 2003 and is 1 hour and 17 minutes long (the length of a feature film [camera: Mariana Ziadeh, editor: Gill Addison, director: Hayley Newman]). In 2004, Matt’s Gallery published the artist’s book of the same title in an unlimited edition. The book is a box-set (11×35x49cm) containing a 10 minute video-clip and approximately 1500 BandW photocopies of notated cuttings relating to performances that took place at the gallery. For more information on this publication please email: info@mattsgallery.org.