Bjorn Askefoss - é-c-h-e-l-l-e
  Year :   2001
  Location :   Denmark
  Worktype :   Sound Installation
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Musikhuset Aarhus 14th.- 17th. June

  Work Details  
  The sound installation é-c-h-e-l-l-e is inspired by The Concert Hall, Aarhus, the setting of not only Askefossī installation, but also the MIX.01(DIEM) festival. Through its exploration of the relations between music and architecture, the aim of this installationīs minimalist scores, physical modelling and interactive composition is a sonic conception of universality. é-c-h-e-l-l-e is a piece for electronics and a staircase, and for an open environment. The first things one notice when entering the space is its environmental sounds and the beautiful marble staircase and the very generous use of light in the space. I wanted to incorporate some of this in my piece. In é-c-h-e-l-l-e sounds are simulated according to key measures from the marble steps. All pitches have been created out of one simple topology, also according to the internal relations of the staircase. The scala consists of 192 individual sounds, or notes, all centered at frequency 440HZ, sonic ready-made objects to be performed by the instrument é-c-h-e-l-l-e. The score is operated through sensors placed in the marble staircase.