Simo Alitalo - Coffeepercolator 2000
  Year :   2000
  Location :   Finland
  Worktype :   Experimental Theatre
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Turku Theatre

  Work Details  
  The trio worked independently and the results were melted together to form something unexpected. The common departing point was coffee, coffee drinking and a song Markku Into made in the seventies; ”Boil, percolator, boil!” Andersson’s contribution, the stage setting including the dresses, was made around a big coffee cup house based on a famous cup designed by Kaj Franck. It was equipped with a window, which had a Lotto cross in the middle, because, besides coffee drinking, the Finns love to play Lotto. A platform for the actors to perform was made inside the cup where the coffee surface usually is when a cup is filled with coffee! Three radio steered sugar cubes rushed around the stage between the legs of the actors, dressed in coffee sack dresses. Accessed 02.01.2008 from