Simo Alitalo - Boom Boom Boom (when I almost lost my faith in John Lee Hooker)
  Year :   2002
  Location :   Finland
  Worktype :   Experimental Theatre
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Turku Theatre

  Work Details  
  Boom Boom Boom is an experimental play in the Turku Theatre, based on a poem by Markku Into. Simo Alitalo, a sound artist, made the soundscape, Andersson made the stage setting and Jukka Aaltonen directed. Anderssons aim was to incorporate the audience in the play, which loosely connects to the old blues legend. Andersson was inspired by that and he created a crossroad, where the action takes place ,with four porch-structures, where the audience sit. The actors are dressed in red, white and black suits. The play continues the collaboration of Into, Alitalo and Andersson, which earlier resulted in the Coffeepercolator 2000 for the Turku Theatre. Accessed 02.01.20089 from