Steve Heimbecker - The Turbulence Sound Matrix
  Year :   2007
  Location :   Canada
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  Work Details  
  In 2003, I began designing a 64 channel sound generation and diffusion system that uses the data produced by my Wind Array Cascade Machine (2003) or WACM. WACM is a 64 channel sensor network that captures, streams or records the wave patterns and movement of the wind across a horizontal surface. This system was inspired by the wave patterns of the wind seen in fields of tall grass or grain as the wind blows across them, and is a metaphor for the sound / sine wave. Now named the Turbulence Sound Matrix or TSM, my 64 channel sound system will be completed in Montréal in April, 2007. The TSM is a truly versitile 3200 watt RMS, 64 channel sound diffusion system configurable in 3 different speaker column arrangements, with 4 unique 10’ tall, 4’ wide free standing cluster columns, each containing 16 discrete channels of sound.