Gordon Monahan - Multiple Machine Matrix
  Year :   1994
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   Installation
  Materials:   -
  Info :   1st performance: D.A.A.D. Inventionen Festival, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin

  Work Details  
  The Multiple Machine Matrix (also entitled Sounds and the Machines that Make Them) is a multi-functional performance and installation environment of automated machine sculptures built from electronic surplus and trash. This network of computer-controlled kinetic devices is capable of moving complex layers of acoustically-produced sound in physical space. MIDI signals, which normally provide control of an electronic music studio, control the movement of mechanical/robotic devices such as voltage modulated steel sheets of various sizes, pulse-controlled bi-directional metal sheet Doppler Spinners, and percussion-activated furniture. A remote-controlled robot enters this environment and pretends to learn how to perform and behave on a public stage. Accessed 02.07.2007 from http://www.gordonmonahan.com