Don Buchla - Series 300
  Year :   1971
  Location :   USA
  Worktype :   Electronic musical instrument
  Materials:   digital control for 200 series modules
  Info :   -

  Work Details  
  A line of components that enables digital control of 200 series modues, the 300 series includes a computer, several peripherals, various interfaces, and a specially developed music language. 300 series systems can be interfaced to virtually any computer, but software has initially been developed for 8080 and Z80 based machines. The model 300A Processor is a compact S-100 based computer with an 8080 CPU, 24kB memory, and interfaces for cassette rocorder, video display, EIA terminal, and the 300 series data bus. It requires an auxiliary cassette recorder for program and data storage and a video monitor for display. The model 301A Disk Store is a miniature floppy disk drive complete with power supply, controller, cables, and bootstrap loader. It plugs into a slot in the 300A processor, eliminates the need for a cassette recorder, and is particularly recommended for those interested in assembly language programming. Patch IV is an advanced, interactive, real-time music language designed to facilitate effective communication between musician and 300 series system. It is supplied on minidisk or cassette, as desired. Patch IV is fully documented and will be supported and refined by ourselves and other users. Several specialized interfaces are available to facilitate intrasystem communication. The include the 300-100 System Interface for adapting to the S-100 bus, the 318 Interface for keyboard models 218 and 219, and the 359 Interface, which supports from one to four model 259 complex waveform generators. To implement digital control of the Music Easel, the model 308 Controller is offered. Its cable assembly plugs into the program card socket, resulting in an unusually versatile and economical computer-based system. The model 329 Patchbay provides for unobtrusive interconnection between 200 series modules and 300 series hardware. Completing the 300 series lineup is the model 364 Multiple Arbitrary Function Generator, which generates, under software control, up to 64 simultaneous static or dynamically varying voltages for application to the various voltage controlled parameters in a 200 series system. Accessed 31.05.2007 from