Don Buchla - 200 series
  Year :   1970
  Location :   USA
  Worktype :   Electronic musical instrument
  Materials:   Electric Music Box
  Info :   -

  Work Details  
  THE ELECTRIC MUSIC BOX, Series 200, is a comprehensive collection of precision electronic modules for generating and processing sound. It is a system designed for those who desire simultaneous control of many aspects of sound and who demand professional standards of performance and reliability. The system features unusually high functional density, extended dynamic range, self-contained monitoring (preview) facilities, and unrestrained expandability. Interesting new techniques for polyphonic signal generation, dynamic spectral and timbral modification, complex pattern generation, and control of spatial location and movement are introduced. Organization is optimized for compactness, ease of access, and ready comprehension. Connections within the system are made with color-coded patchcords, for maximum graphic visual feedback, zero crosstalk, optimal utilization of panel space, and unlimited flexibility and expandability. A clear and consistent distinction is maintained, both in modular function and in interconnection, between signals (the raw material of electronic music), control voltages (defining parametric structure, e.g. pitch, timbre, intensity, location), and timing pulses (defining event times and durations). Components of the Electric Music Box are designed to interface readily with digital computers. All musical parameters are voltage (and therefore computer) controllable; necessary logic supplies, tracking adjustments, and digital outputs are incorporated; and the prerequisites of high stability and predictability are met. Even the smallest Electric Music Box can be expanded to a hybrid digital-analog system incorporating programmed patching, multiple arbitrary function generation, and powerful editing and performance capabilities. The Electric Music Box can be configured to serve a variety of applications, including electronic music composition and performance, music education, psychoacoustic studies, environmental control, special effects generation, bio-feedback research, and video synthesis. Buchla and Associates can supply systems, auxiliary equipment and complete studios to suit these and other applications. Accessed 31.05.2007 from