Harry Partch - Kithara
  Year :   1954
  Location :   USA
  Worktype :   Instrument
  Materials:   The base acts as a resonator. The two large sides are 0.25 inch redwood ply; the seven soundboards (five of them not visible) are vertical-grain redwood. The 72 strings are guitar, tenor guitar, and banjo. Guitar tuning heads.
  Info :   Begun in Los Angeles, and finished in Ithaca, New York. Rebuilt at the University of Illinois.

  Work Details  
  Close to 6 feet high, to the top of the music rack; 3.5 feet across at the broad center; tapering in width from 9 inches at the bottom of the instrument proper to 4 inches at the tops of the two arms. They are arranged in twelve hexads, each containing four to six identities of a tonality. Pyrex rods (5/8 inch) stop the two outside hexads for higher chords and gliding tones or chords. The instrument belongs to the lyre type, hollow arms and base; it is an elaboration of the ancient Greek Kithara.