Stephen Stapleton - Sylvie and Babsi Hi Fi Companion
  Year :   1985
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   Album
  Materials:   -
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  Work Details  
  1985 CD BE L.A.Y.L.A.H. Antirecords LAYCD15 In jewel case Track Listing Side 1 1. You Walrus Hurt the One You Love [udt18] 2. Great Balls of Fur* Sleeve Notes * featuring the last ever performance of Murray Fontana, a harbinger by nature, who killed himself in the name of music by successive acts of self indulgence. The Rhinos of Wrath are Whiter than the Horses of Destruction The Murrary Fontana Orchestra John Orr, Ritva Ross, Robert Haigh, Christine Glover, Tathata Wallis, Marc Monin, Jim Thirlwell , Edward Ka-spel , David Kenny, Peter McGee, Ross Canon, David Michael Bunting , Johnathan Stone, Paul Hurst, Flora McCrindell, Glen Michael Wallis, John Fothergill, Mary Dowd, William Bennett , Paul Donnan, Geoff Cox, Fiona Anne Burr, David Elliott, Robbie Sylvester, Sinan Leong, John Murphy, Chris Furse, Lisa Donnan, Brian Williams, Tracy Roberts, Graeme Revell, Laura Calland, Diana Rogerson , Iva Morgan, Steven Stapleton , Marlene, Andrew Cox, Dorothea Bendik, Stephen Holmes, Margaret Evers, Wilf Harris, David Jackman , Trevor Reidy, Darren Kingaby, Nikki, Geff Rushton , Karl Blake, Harpunkt Fix, Barry McCarus Vocal backing by THE TWO SHAVES AND A SHINE Accessed 24.07.2008 from