David Cunningham - artificial homeland -angela jaeger and david cunningham
  Year :   1995
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   Album
  Materials:   -
  Info :   piano 509. Available from http://www.stalk.net/piano/pianocat.htm

  Work Details  
  his music is derived from slowed-down tapes, loops and treatments, a mix of composed music and improvisation, most of the instrumental material providing ambient backgrounds, dense harmonically shifting drones graced with angelas voice providing improvised but extremely melodic explorations of the harmonic structures. sometimes there are words, sometimes it sounds like words, sometimes something else happens to the voice. there is a second kind of structure where the emphasis changes and and the voice floats over and around strange rhythmic grids. angela jaeger: voices david cunningham: instruments with charles hayward: drumming on 4, 7, 12, and 15 track listing: 1 a silver thread 2 artificial homeland 3 beyond that star 4 wood and glass 5 fortuna 6 turning left 7 made of sand 8 unlock the hills 9 only for you 10 blue gold seven 11 forsythia 12 the hot day 13 time can make a difference 14 radioloop 15 river west recorded in london produced by david cunningham mixes by by david cunningham and angela jaeger jaeger/cunningham photograph garrard martin thanks to: william raban chris rodley ken mcmullen steven mallaghan jon tye and especially victor sol composed by angela jaeger/david cunningham except for the hot day jaeger/cunningham/hayward