David Cunningham - ghost dance -michael giles, jamie muir, david cunningham
  Year :   1996
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   CD Album
  Materials:   -
  Info :   piano 502. Music composed and performed by: michael giles: kit drums, assorted percussion, mouth horns, mouth reeds, bow, voice, keyboard jamie muir: assorted percussion, hand drums, bow, thumb piano, mouthpiece, conch david cunningham: loops, treatme

  Work Details  
  in 1983 as we began to work as a trio, ken mcmullen commissioned us to provide the music for his film ghost dance. the film was made in a very improvisational way, exploring the collision between ethnic cultures and western cities -the rich inner mythologies of the one and the alienation of the other -and the philosophies that were beginning to explore this odd melée and what it reveals about us. we approached the music in the same way, but more instinctively than intellectually, as is the nature of music. we produced bits and pieces of improvised music mostly using very simple non-tec instruments, hand drums, kazoo, thumb piano, bells, voice, found things, very simply constructed things and so on, which was then molested with technology till it was thoroughly macerated into some other hybrid shape. we would then take this as the basic material and try to make sense of it and develop it within the context of the film. giles, muir, cunningham 1996 . the recording contains analogue tape distortion, noise and hiss which, besides being unavoidable, at times form an integral part of the music. thanks to: ken mcmullen, robert hargeaves, mark lucas, jane thorburn, rob ayling