Z'EV - Spire - Organ Works Past, Present and Future
  Year :   2003
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   CD Compilation
  Materials:   Double CD
  Info :   Label: Touch Catalog#: Tone 20

  Work Details  
  Tracklisting: 1.01 Leif Elggren Royal Organ 1.02 ZEV If Only That Love Lets Letting Happen (Organ Music For Organs) 1.03 Philip Jeck Stops 1.04 Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson Details Of A New Discovery 1.05 BJNilsen Zephyr 1.06 Marcus Davidson Organ Psalm V 1.07 Scott Minor and Fennesz Dwan 1.08 Finnbogi Petursson Diabolus 1.09 Biosphere Visible Invisible 1.10 Toshiya Tsunoda Layered 1.11 Tom Recchion Shut Eye Train 1.12 Lary Seven and Jeff Peterson Disorganised 2.01 BJNilsen Breathe 2.02 Scott Taylor Droner 2.03 Jacob Kirkegaard Epiludio Patetico: A Tribute To Rued Langgaard 2.04 Oren Ambarchi and Tom Recchion Remake 2.05 Chris Watson Askam Wind Cluster