Z'EV - Viva Negativa! - A Tribute To The New Blockaders Vol.1
  Year :   2006
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   CD Compilation
  Materials:   4 x Vinyl, LP Box Set
  Info :   Label: Vinyl-on-demand Catalog#: VOD 24

  Work Details  
  Tracklisting: A1 Asmus Tietchens Kranzniederlegung A2 Keith Fullerton Whitman Sept. 27th 1960 A3 Nocturnal Emissions This Morphing Viod A4 Plethora Last Night I Dremt Of Anti-Fest, This Morning I Woke Up Deaf A5 Silvum Discreet Charms B1 SRMeixner The Church Of The Absurd B2 Haters, The Mantra To Rot B3 Daniel Menche Smoldered Blockaders B4 Nobuo Yamada Prickle / Crevice B5 Komafuzz Damage Ax C1 Ashtray Navigations New Paint For Antisilence C2 Zbigniew Karkowski Chopped Mod C3 Anomali T.N.B.R.I.P. C4 John Wiese Annul C5 Benzo Nothing Controls Something D1 Vortex Campaign The Black Box D2 Evil Moisture New Kids On The Blockadres D3 Cisfinitum Out D4 Massimo (2) History Of Everything D5 MSBR TNSBRupenus E1 Jason Kahn Rille E2 Controlled Bleeding The Latest Hole In My Head E3 Pita TNB II53 E4 V/Vm What A Way To Go Shakey E5 Treriksröset Negativt Fortroandekapital F1 Grunt Saarto F2 Thurston Moore Corion Sound For T.N.B. F3 Richard Ramirez Cultural Blockade F4 Scanner Kohekohe G1 Oren Ambarchi Something From Nothing G2 Emil Beaulieau Anti-Vartan G3 Dieter Müh HOHL G4 ZEV Chips For The New Block G5 Lockweld Catharsis Bomb H1 Kraang Silvers On Glass And Steel H2 K.K. Null Song X H3 Prurient Majdanek Slaughterhouse H4 Freiband Nichts