Sonic Youth - HWY Song
  Year :   1996
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   Installation
  Materials:   video loop in guitar
  Info :   1996-99. Show 2000 at Sonic Boom, Hayward Gallery, London

  Work Details  
  HWY SONG consists of a circa 1920’s Stella acoustic guitar with a video monitor fitted into its’ sound hole. The monitor plays a silent cut-up loop of a stretch of highway as seen from a moving car, a subtle evocation of the American road movie, the ‘road song’, and the potent and persistent mythology of the guitar. Plenty of highway songs have been written, this is a visual ode to them all. The video was shot with a toy Pixel camera and then tinted, edited and generally fukked with further. The piece is one of a number of modified instruments I have been building of late. It has been exhibited during my sound/installation show We are Everywhere and Nowhere, All at Once at Studio 5 Beekman in NYC in May 1999, and also as part of a sound installation I made for the Copenhagen Museum of Contemporary Art s show entitled SSSHHHH... , in November 1999. In April 2000 it will be on display as part of the Sonic Boom show at the Hayward Gallery in London s Royal Festival Hall. Lee Ranaldo 00