Karlheinz Essl - nature / morte
  Year :   2005
  Location :   Austria
  Worktype :   generative sound environment
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Austria: 1900 - 2000

  Work Details  
  The exhibition Austria: 1900 - 2000 displays picture documentations of Viennese Actionism and their protagonists Nitsch, Schwarzkogler and Brus in the Rotunda of the Essl Collection. Taken out of their Actionist context, these photos preserve isolated moments of a verified process, which originally unfolded dynamically in time. In these photos, however, time is frozen, so that these picture relics give the impression of carefully arranged still-lives, reduced to an aestheticizing projection onto the image area. But these freeze-frames did not only loose the effect of time lapse – all those sounds, which often accompany the actions as a pointedly employed artistic device or are even produced by the actions themselves, are deafened, too. This is the starting point of the sound-environment nature / morte, which has been conceived by the composer Karlheinz Essl especially for this exhibition. An artificial world of sound, generated by a computer programme written in Max/MSP in realtime, intends to “earthen“ the freeze-frames and bring into play again the lost dimensions of time and sound. Through listening, in a subliminal way, the connection between the analytical eye and the non-rational levels of the unconscious is intended to get re-established, in order to enable the listeners to re-experience the sensual overall coherence of time and sound. The title nature / morte (French still-life; literally: ‚dead nature’) reflects these dialectics between nature dynamically unfolding and lifeless statics. A stream of sound, pouring into the Rotunda via four loud-speakers, is recurrently halted – as if stemmed –, in order to be released again afterwards, with all its power. Accessed 10.12.06 from http://www.essl.at