Karlheinz Essl - fLOW
  Year :   1998
  Location :   USA
  Worktype :   realtime generated sound scape
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Ought-One-Festival (Vermont

  Work Details  
  fLOW is a site-specific work-in-progress that was started under ever-changing titles in October 1998. The entire project is carried out in numerous steps and takes place in various location with changing musicians from different fields like New Music, experimental jazz, free improvisation and New Electronic Music. The project is based on a sound scape that is generated in realtime by a computer program written in MSP which runs on Apple Macintosh G3 machines. It fills the space with flooding sounds that resemble - metaphorically - the timbres of water, fire, earth, and air. This ambient sound scape generator has been released as a shareware Macintosh computer program which can be downloaded from the net. For each performance, the sound scape is interpreted and commented by live-musicians. Each realisation is developed for the specific place and takes into account its individual socio-cultural context. Besides music and sound, a realisation can also include light installations, film projections, performance aspects, elaborated time scores and computer-generated Playing Strategies. Integral part of each performance is the m@ze°2 (Modular Algorithmic Zound Environment), a computer-based Realtime Composition and Improvisation Environment developed by Karlheinz Essl since 1996 which the composer plays himself on an Apple PowerBook computer.Accessed 10.12.06 from http://www.essl.at