Karlheinz Essl - m@ze°2
  Year :   1999
  Location :   Germany
  Worktype :   Modular Algorithmic Zound Environment
  Materials:   -
  Info :   -

  Work Details  
  m@ze°2 is a computer-based electronic instrument which serves as a realtime environment for composition and improvisation as well. This project is another attempt to realize an old idea that has been haunting me for many years: the vision of a music * which composes itself at the moment of its sounding * which is not merely a reproduction of a pre-fabricated notation * which is capable of reacting on exterior influences * which exhibits infinite temporal expansion * which never repeats itself. The piece is entirely written in Max/MSP (taking advantage of my own Realtime Composition Library) and runs on Apple Macintosh computers. It is based on an ever-growing library of samples which are processed by so-called structure generators which in turn can be triggered and controlled using the computer keyboard and/or the mouse. An elaborated section of DSP-routines (including reverb, filters, equalizer, delay lines, LFO, ring modulator, doppler effects and panning) enables the player to process the sound structures freely afterwards. NB: This software is not public domain. It is used by its author, the composer Karlheinz Essl, as an electronic instruments for his solo performances and improvisations with other musicians, starting with the multi-part performance project fLOW (1998/99) until recent solo performances such as Sonnez la cloche! (2003) and action rituelle (2004). Accessed 10.12.06 from http://www.essl.at