Morphogenesis - Improvisations
  Year :   1999
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   CD
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Label: CEDI

  Work Details  
  Improvisations was released by the Spanish music magazine Hurly Burly in conjunction with their report of the 1999 CEDI Music Festival in Madrid. The live recording is one of the groups most ambient releases, in the sense that they set up an organically evolving sonic environment, with a fair amount of internal variation, but relatively few significant events. Each of the untitled improvisations has its own character. The first one features high-pitched drones leading into buzzing, reverberating electronics and string scraping, with a short interlude of treated female voices in the middle. The second has several clearly audible layers, including Adam Bohmans prepared violin and a few other drones, which come together in a controlled feedback before finishing with zip gestures and percussive scrapes. The third has ominous, low sustained tones with percussives and screeching gestures like creaking hinges. The last improvisation is the most ambient, featuring low-volume drones moving about in space (the real-time sound manipulation is most audible on this track), with occasional recognizable instruments like organ or piano, but primarily moving from one set of sustained sounds to another. The sound quality is below the groups usual standards, suggesting a bootleg recording. Although the music is characteristically Morphogenesis, the poor recording and muted material make this one of their less-essential releases. ~ Caleb Deupree, All Music Guide . Accessed 7.12.06 from