Morphogenesis - In Streams, Vol. 1: 1996-1999
  Year :   2001
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   CD
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Label: Paradigm

  Work Details  
  In Streams, Vol. 1: 1996-1999 contains excerpts of Morphogenesis rare live performances, plus one studio track (In Streams, Vol. 2 works the same way). Adam Bohman, Ron Briefel, Clive Graham, Clive Hall, and Michael Prime all interact through analog electronics and electrified objects: no laptops, no samplers. Prime also uses his water machine and bio-feedback. Roger Sutherland joins them on the studio track. After so many years together, this outfit still produces the texturally deepest, most engaging, most surprising electronically based free improvisation. The synergy and sense of combination they share is what makes the 22-minute Live at the Windmill feel like a journey inside and outside ones conscience. Forget the sterile bleeps the laptop generation of musicians produce: This music is chaotically organic. Charivari Remnant lacks variety when compared to the other pieces, but overall In Streams, Vol. 1 fills a gap in the ensembles career. Fans will appreciate; newcomers might find it a revelation. Strongly recommended. ~ Fran├žois Couture, All Music Guide. Accessed 7.12.06 from