Throbbing Gristle - Rafters
  Year :   1980
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   Performance
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Manchester

  Work Details  
  A LOT more than just another gig and also, a lot less. Unpleasant noises greeted me as I entered the ridiculous Rafters rock venue. I headed for the bar. Ah a, said a voice, A bar-room journalist. I cursed, I decided Id have to watch myself, too many nasty local fanzines around for my liking. The gig was developing into one of those wonderful anti-climax situations, the kind which Throbbing Gristle adore and use to the full. They have an uncanny knack of making the audience look foolish. Throbbing Gristle are all about creating atmosphere, an uneasy atmosphere, an atmosphere which allows them to exploit the crowds emotions, chiefly boredom and confusion. When they are not creating strong images, TG play about with a sadistic desire to inflict pain and expose the worst aspects of horrible reality. They strolled on stage. Genesis P-Orridge adopted his preacher role. Arms outstretched, he screeched over the top of the ugly din. Carter and Christopherson stayed at the rear looking friendly and, as usual, totally out of place. Cosey sat down content to add an odd streak of piercing guitar. Orridge looked nasty, his face smeared with red blotches and his expression menacing. At times he would explode with emotion and jerk violently sideways. He seemed to be enjoying himself. For half an hour the sound remained a mass of distorted noise, actually more imposing than the TG norm. Finally the format splintered and after a few minutes of complete chaos, an interesting disco funk appeared. Orridge moved to the back of the stage and began hitting his guitar at irregular intervals. The disco churned on before rapidly vanishing and Throbbing Gristle were gone. So sudden and just as it was becoming interesting. Well, the lousy sods. Rafters burst into an instant debating hall. Nobody could criticise TG because TG made no promises. They broke no rules. Throbbing Gristle are Throbbing Gristle and no-one else even comes close. Thank God. Mick Middles, Sounds 27 Dec 80 Accessed 7.12.06 from