Throbbing Gristle - S036 Club
  Year :   1980
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   Performance
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Berlin

  Work Details  
  UNLEASHED IN THE EAST: In berlin, by the wall, Throbbing Gristle will play their first ever gig abroad. 100 feet from the terrors of the Eastern bloc, the electronic wunderkinder will introduce their new compact selves; the four members appear on stage with nothing but a mysterious black suitcase each. This new streamlined handluggage style will enable TG to conquer Italy, Japan and America in the coming year in a series of hit-and-run kamikaze missions. And you thought they were kidding... Sounds, 8 November 1980 Sets included: Stained By Dead Horses Trained Conditions Of Obedience Zeros Death Nomon Raudive Bunker Experiment Denial Of Death Funeral In Berlin Trade Deficit Accessed 7.12.06 from