Throbbing Gristle - Couming Of Age
  Year :   1974
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   Performance
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Oval House Theatre, London

  Work Details  
  COUM present for you cOUMING OF aGE A PHOTOGRAPH IN EXACTLY SEVEN PARTS FOR UNCLE BILL B 1). Swift Swing Serenade for Valentines Day 2). Well Wished Oil Well 3). Arctic Banana Gobble 4). Rumba Echoes 5). Copyright Queen of the Silver Screen 6). Dogbreath Bleach 7). Disintegration of Fact and the Seven Year Itch STARGAZING Cosey Fanni Tutti Rev. Lelli Maull General Idea John Lacey (the Visitors Shadow) John Barrie Smith Foxtrot Echo Hermine Demoriane AND The T.V. Children Set Design by COUM TRANSMISSIONS and the VISITORS SHADOW Accoumpaniment Musick by:--: Nico, Terry Hunt, John Cale, Lou Reed, Vera Lynn Special effects by:--: T.V. Children and Wicked Wrestler and Monks of Notre Dame Review by Rusty Kneecaps Itall. Dedicated Especially to Big Jeff Rutting. Ankle straps by George Formby. Costumes by Cosey P-Orridge. Swing by Your Kneck. Flares by IRA. Torches by and By. Windows by John Late. Lies by Neil Megson. Especially coumissioned and coumceived for the wonderful OVAL HOUSE THEATRE and Never forget that infamous and nasty COUM guarantee of disappointment sweetie. Accessed 7.12.06 from