Throbbing Gristle - Coum
  Year :   1977
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   Letter
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Flash Art 78/79, Nov/Dec

  Work Details  
  Dearest Giancarlo, As you probably know, we as COUM Transmissions are blacklisted (banned) unofficially but effectively from doing any actions in Britain, or any static exhibitions in British Galleries. They say our work is pornographic and degenerate. E enclose a few cuttings about our latest exhibition at thee I.C.A. Since then we have done some SECRET actions in London without any publicity, at Goldsmiths College, ACME Gallery and so on but its very hard. We have been raided by Scotland Yard police eight times at our studio and house. Nevertheless we have made our first film. Its 20 minutes long and called AFTER CEASE TO EXIST. It was shown in Holland at thee Beethoven Festival in Arnhem this Autumn. We have also made a limited edition LP record which should be ready by thee end of October that is called SECOND ANNUAL REPORT. And ECART Gallery have brought out a book about our trial for sending indecent/obscene mail art to people called GPO v GP-O. We Received copies of Flash Art you sent. E have put you down for a free complimentary copy of thee book Edited with Colin Naylor for Macmillans ion London. Its called CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS and is a large and useful Directory of 1200 artists with curriculum vitae statements, critical texts and photographs. Enclosed is a photo from our latest action which was a secret action in London again. We cant always give locations because thee police will raid and arrest us if they find out where we work. Please can you perhaps print it in your news columns? Michael Morris is here from thee western Front and dealer. Do you have any ideas who would be interested in our work and objects, actions photos and publications? Well, E hope you will keep in touch and that life is not as hard for you in Milan as it is here for Cosey Fanni Tutti and me. Cosey sends you a kiss, cari saluti, Genesis P-Orridge pp COUM Accessed 7.12.06 from