Ultra-Red - Play Los Jornaleros del Norte
  Year :   2001
  Location :   USA
  Worktype :   SoundWork
  Materials:   -
  Info :   PR No. 2.02.001 Release Date: December 1, 2004 Artist: Ultra-red Title: Play Los Jornaleros del Norte Series: Transistors

  Work Details  
  In the increasingly esoteric world of electronic music, what is the relationship between the artist and the world she or he inhabits? More specifically, when considering the cosmopolitan milieu of electronic music with its pretensions to internationalism and cross-border performances, what is the relationship between the artist and the struggles of other forms of migratory labor? Beginning in 2001, the audio activist group Ultra-red asked these exact questions in the context of music and art festivals in Spain, Portugal, England, Germany and Ultra-reds home of Los Angeles. The music presented in these performances was the result of a series of encounters between Ultra-red and the musicians/organizers of Los Jornaleros del Norte. Los Jornaleros del Norte (translated, Day Laborers of the North) is comprised entirely of immigrant workers whose music represents migrant struggles for work and dignity in Los Angeles. Drawing on musical traditions of ranchero, cumbia and salsa, the songs of Los Jornaleros find resonance in the larger struggles against corporate-dominated globalization, border militarization, racism and for labor rights. For months in 2001, Ultra-red attended the rehearsals of Los Jornaleros listening for interesting sounds, stories and conversations. It is these moments that forms the basis of much of the music on the album. The tracks on Ultra-red Play Los Jornaleros del Norte mirror the range of musical influences of Los Jornaleros themselves. The track Aprende el Sombrero Rojo weaves between site recording and glitch-beat electronica. Mejor práctica offers a contemplative take on Norteña music, less Nortec than Minimalismo. Ritmo Armado imagines what Señor Coconut would sound like if he had a fondness for the revolutionary traditions of Guitarra Armada and Victor Jara. The album also features Ultra-reds trademark fondness for intricately composed soundscapes. Listen for a change. http://www.ultrared.org/