Ultra-Red - The Debt
  Year :   2004
  Location :   Ireland
  Worktype :   SoundWork
  Materials:   -
  Info :   PR No. 2.03.011 Release Date: May 1, 2005 Artist: Ultra-red Title: The Debt Series: The Debt

  Work Details  
  How do we activate a memory of resistance when the official discourse of social space denies that memory any bearing on the present? This question framed Ultra-reds year-long project based in the Irish council housing estate of Ballymun. The album THE DEBT represents a final moment of reflection at the end of a long and challenging process to map the social geography of the 20,000-resident community in the midst of a multi-million-dollar regeneration plan. Eleventh in a 12-disc limited-edition archive, THE DEBT finds Ultra-red at their most rigorous. Drawing on months of site-recordings made in Ballymun, the haunting compositions of THE DEBT give shape to memories of a landscape in the process of reconstruction. Similar to Ultra-reds acclaimed STRUCTURAL ADJUSTMENTS album (Mille Plateaux, 2000), THE DEBT interrogates the acoustic spaces of community. Yet, whereas the earlier album explicitly drew on sounds of protest and dissent, THE DEBT enters a scene where protest has been all but absorbed by accommodation. In the decades leading up to the regeneration of Ballymun, the community had organized itself around numerous campaigns, from neighborhood safety to transportation. After years of residents demanding that the government fulfill its obligations to properly maintain the estate, a large-scale redevelopment scheme was announced in 1998. Two-thousand high-rise flats were to be demolished and replaced with 3000 new town-houses and apartments. The promises of a revitalized and progressively planned urban community posed both an opportunity and a dilemma. How could the plan respect a history of dissent which gave birth to the very process of revitalization? More critically, how could it make allowances for dissent in the present? To help grapple with these questions, Ultra-red spent months meeting with neighbors, community groups and organizations. Specifically helpful in this process was the community development organization, the Ballymun Womens Resource Center. Organizers and constituents of the Resource Center became partners in THE DEBT, drawing on their own memories, their hopes and concerns about the revitalization. This album is dedicated to them and to members of the St. Pappins Ladies Group. THE DEBT was produced as part of a public art project commissioned by the Ballymun Regeneration Ltd. art commissioning program, Breaking Ground, and was funded through Ireland s Department of the Environment and the Per Cent for Art Scheme. http://www.ultrared.org/