Ultra-Red - BLOK70:Translations
  Year :   2004
  Location :   Serbia
  Worktype :   SoundWork
  Materials:   -
  Info :   PR No. 2.02.007 Release Date: August 21, 2006 Artist: Various Title: BLOK70:Translations Series: Transistors

  Work Details  
  For BLOK70:TRANSLATIONS, five artists from the Balkan region compose exclusive tracks from sounds sampled off the Ultra-red album BLOK70 (PR 2-02-006). Each artist lifted sounds recorded at the migrant-run discount market in Belgrades housing block number 70. In the summer of 2004, Ultra-red co-founder Dont Rhine and Englands Elliot Perkins traveled to Belgrade, Serbia accompanying Ultra-red member Manuela Bojadžijev from Kanak Attak and NextGENDERation researcher Rutvica Andrijaševi?. Conducting a militant sound investigation, Ultra-red came to the marketplace Blok 70 where 300 shops set the stage for a remarkable convergence of Chinese migrant shopkeepers, Serbian shoppers, and Roma workers. At the center of the marketplaces culture, a group of young Serbian women work as curators of communication, translating for Chinese business-owners, Serbian customs officials, and customers. From their work as advocates for their migrant employers, the women revealed to Ultra-red a profound and complex analysis of everyday life precariousness in a society struggling with xenophobia and racism. In tribute to the translators at Blok 70, Ultra-red asked five artists to compose tracks from sounds recorded at the marketplace. Varied stylistically, tracks range from deep ambient techno, paranoid glitch, to progressive rock jam. BLOK70:TRANSLATIONS also has an exclusive Ultra-red bonus track. http://www.ultrared.org/