Ed Osborn - Recoil
  Year :   2000
  Location :   Australia
  Worktype :   Installation
  Materials:   Mixed media, electronics, sound (dimensions variable).
  Info :   Artspace, Sydney

  Work Details  
  In Recoil a set of motion sensors are hung from flexible and occasionally moving supports above floor-mounted audio speakers. The signals from the motion sensors are fed into the speakers, and the movements of the speakers are then picked up by the motion sensors resulting in an delicate feedback system that is mostly silent when resting but produces a chaotic visual and auditory oscillation when the equilibrium of the entire system is upset. In search of a stasis that is never achieved for long, Recoil functions as a kinetic and sounding metaphor for the wakes that we leave in social, technological, and natural systems.Accessed 7.12.06 from http://www.roving.net/