Dan Senn - Surface to Air
  Year :   2006
  Location :   Poland
  Worktype :   New music, video and sound sculpture
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Osrodek Sztuki, Lublin

  Work Details  
  Zákaz Vstupu (2005) for video. 9 This video was commissioned by MamaPapa, producers of KLADNO + - ZÁPORNO, a festival held in the once thriving industrial area of Kladno, The Czech Republic, about 50 kilometers from Prague. The video was shot and edited over a 24 hour period in September of 2005. Uncovered States (2006) for Quad Surflings, Quad Rattles, Corn Rattles. 20 Live Sculptural instruments are controlled using subaudio frequencies in the 0-9hz range. Wisconsin Air (2005) for video. 14 An experimental video work which explores the surface of a discarded bath tub and sink as rediscovered in the back yard of the composer s childhood home in Watertown, Wisconsin. Rybanaruby (2005) for pre-recorded and live lyde instruments. 20 - lyde performers, Dan Senn, Waldemar Tartarczuk This work was composed for Rybanaruby, a popular tea room and performance space in Prague. Lydes are Tibetan bowl-like instruments made from found pot lids with tunings unadjusted. In two recent performances, Portland (August) and Prague (September), masses of these were played through the narrow street corridors of by volunteer players organized into Space Bands. (Lyde is the Danish word for sound.) For this performance, Rybanaruby will explore the sonorities of these continuous ringing instruments as they combine in layers of pulsating overtones and undertones.Accessed 7.12.06 from http://www.newsense-intermedium.com