David Lee Myers - 60:00
  Year :  
  Location :   USA
  Worktype :   CD
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Pulsewidth website and iTunes store

  Work Details  
  The fourth collaboration between David Lee Myers and Asmus Tietchens, an exploration in microsound. Myers feedback tracks were sent to Tietchens, who processed them via his idiosynchratic studio methods. These were sent back and forth between the two composers numerous times, resulting in deep processing layers which totally obscure the original sounds. Six tracks of exactly ten minutes each, an advanced non-listening experience.Dont say music, but presence. Think about those feeble tones inside your ear when pressure (or something more vernacularly active) changes all your hearing perspectives for a few seconds; there are several sections in 60:00 that result in the same loss of aural balance - and thats not all, of course. Tietchens and Myers stigmatize the fundamental uselessness of most commonly enjoyed kinds of music, forestalling any negative reaction since the very beginning of the record, sampling and accurately filing every microscopic nuance in an algid overview of a desert next to silence. Tietchens detached philosophy has brought Myers to follow him along a sonic visual that s very distant from David Lee s Arcane Device early mask. The icy character of this matter-of-fact experimentation does not weigh at all over the listening pleasure, which is assured for the whole hour; not that I had any doubt - these two know their own alchemy.--Touching Extremes (Italy)