Ron Kuivila - Outgoing message
  Year :   2002
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   Composition
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Sonic Arts 24 Date: 30 April 2002 Time: 19:30 Location: School of Music, University of East Anglia Featuring Ron Kuivila and Jem Finer.

  Work Details  
  Watching the clock, waking to an alarm, waiting for the phone to ring, waiting for your call to be answered, refusing to pick up a ringing phone, all of these moments of suspension and discontinuity have a Pavlovian force. Our responses to such stimuli are not cerebral but spinal. The dial tones, ring and busy signals of the world?s telephone systems comprise and odd collection of simple musical gestures, immediately and inescapably recognizable to arbitrary and potentially confusing others. For example, the charming 10/8 pattern of the Italian dial tone can be disconcerting to those of used to the drone tones found anywhere else in the world. Other pecularities can be found. The frequencies used for the North American dial, ring, busy (350 440 480 620 Hz) spell out a pelogish scale of a major third, a quarter tone sharp fourth, and a somewhat flat minor seventh that appears when the pitches are played in sequence and becomes the telephone when they are played together. Outgoing message is based on those signals electronically synthesized to the exacting standards of all the best telephone systems. It also includes eccentric telephone bell ringing, the preemptory beeps of several hundred quartz watches, and an extended solo for switched sine waves derived from an earlier work, The Beatification of the Facsimile Tone.