Katherine Norman - Trilling Wire
  Year :   1994
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   Composition
  Materials:   clarinet and recorded sound,Hardware Used: NeXT computer Software Used: Cmix, csound and other software packages
  Info :   -

  Work Details  
  Writing for performer and recorded sound offers its own interesting tension: while the recorded sound goes on regardless, unchangeable once the playback button has been pressed, the performer seeks a foothold for their own interpretation, emotions, temporal ebbs and flows - all the things that make a `liveperformance a trilling wire, to meander along precariously, confidently, gladly or sadly, dependent on realtime circumstances and yearnings. The title is taken from T.S. Eliots Four Quartets. ... The trilling wire in the blood Sings below inveterate scars Appeasing long forgotten wars. The dance along the artery The circulation of the lymph Are figured in the drift of stars ... Trilling Wire was commissioned as avirtuoso piece, by Jonathan Cooper, whose playing also features in the recorded part. The piece is dedicated to him with much affection.Audio accessed 15.11.06 from http://www.sonus.ca (Canadian Electroacoustic Community Achive)