Katherine Norman - [b]-contained
  Year :   2000
  Location :   Ireland
  Worktype :   Composition
  Materials:   Software Used: The digital part was made using CoolEdit and (mostly) Ross Bencina’s Audiomulch
  Info :   Galway Arts Festival

  Work Details  
  All the recorded material in this piece was created from an initial recording of the noteb, played on clarinet. This note, less than a second long, is looped and played continuously throughout, though sometimes the original is almost inaudible, masked by its various incarnations and developments. The player doesnt actually get to play a b until the final section of the piece. Instead, the live clarinet gradually incorporates pitches to either side of this elusive goal, which it surrounds or contains and - at the same time - strives to reach. We seek to contain what we seek to escape.Audio accessed 15.11.06 from http://www.sonus.ca (Canadian Electroacoustic Community Achive)