Morton Feldman - Last Pieces
  Year :   1959
  Location :   USA
  Worktype :   Composition
  Materials:   -
  Info :   Igloo Studio, Brussels on the 4th of July 2001

  Work Details  
  My past experience was not to meddle with the material, but use my concentration as a guide to what might transpire. I mentionned this to Stockhausen once when he had asked me what my secret was. I don t push the sounds around. Stockhausen mulled this over, and asked: Not even a little bit ? Morton Feldman Morton Feldman s own words are as valuable for the composer as they are for the performer. His music slowly draws you towards silence by a process of atomization or repetition -- as do some of Beethoven s or Schubert s late compositions. You realize therefore how useless it is to try to act, to push his music against its own will. You will experience something about interpretation: question the music and then use your concentration. Playing or listening to Morton Feldman leads you to very unique moments, like those you feel when you look at a starry Summer sky, unable to measure its dimensions because this is beyond your understanding. A sense of infinity within a finite space. Stephane Ginsburgh. Accessed 15.11.06 from