Luc Ferrari - Music Promenade
  Year :   1969
  Location :   France
  Worktype :   Composition
  Materials:   -
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  Work Details  
  Music Promenade, with its bits of political speeches and protests, has always seemed to me to be a sort of commentary on that time... Did you intend it as such? Its a panorama of society. The idea for the piece came from the fact that, early on in musique concrète, I was one of the first to take the tape recorder outside the studio, and use sounds recorded outside, sounds from real life. I had a Nagra, one of the first portable machines. I started collecting sounds without any preconceived notions other than a desire to insert into musical discourse a sound that basically didnt belong there. As I said earlier, musique concrète was a kind of abstractisation [sic] of sound-we didnt want to know its origin, its causality... Whereas here I wanted you to recognise causality-it was traffic noise it wasn t just to make music with but to say: this is traffic noise! (Laughs) Cage s influence, perhaps. At the time I was part of team which made films for television, as a pseudo-sound-engineer (I didn t have any formal training, but I had a feel for it, and some experience of recording). I was employed as musician and recording engineer, and this team travelled all over Europe making films, so I recorded for them and also for myself. I recorded anything that took my fancy, things which probably weren t much use to anyone... I stockpiled an enormous number of sounds I later started to compose with for Music Promenade. Originally it was an installation, not at all something which had to be twenty minutes long. It was for four tape recorders playing non-stop, four times twenty minutes worth of sounds which get out of sync as the machines finish and rewind, creating a kind of permanent environment. But it was difficult to realise-installations weren t in at that time!-it was hard finding four tape recorders, eight loudspeakers, mixing desk and what have you... So the record label Wergo asked me to mix it down. Ferrari in interview with Dan Warburton, Jult 22nd 1998. Accesswed 15.11.06 from