Pauline Oliveros - AlienBog/Beautiful Soop
  Year :   1966
  Location :   USA
  Worktype :   CD
  Materials:   Buchla Box synthesizer
  Info :   Mills College in California

  Work Details  
  takes us back to the beginnings of her innovative journey, which she described in The Wire as There was only one place I was interested in going with what I needed to express and that was inside. The release of Alien Bog (1967 - 33:15) and Beautiful Soop (1966 - 27:49) on this remarkable historical compact disc from Pogus Productions provides a valuable resource for composers and scholars searching for the roots of American electroacoustic creativity. Until its release, the earliest Oliveros works available were her Bye Bye Butterfly (1965) and I of IV (1966), both of which utilize similar technology to the pieces presented in this new recording. Created with Don Buchlas 100 series analog synthesizer built for the Mills College Tape Music center (founded in 1966 by Oliveros) and a self-developed tape delay system, both Alien Bog and Beautiful Soop illustrate facets of the composers aesthetic which continue in her music today. For Alien Bog, Oliveros used the Buchla to synthetically evoke and amplify the natural sonic ambience of a frog pond existing outside the window of the original Mills College studios. In a quote from Oliveros found within the cd program notes, she remarks upon the influence of the frogs music upon her work, acknowledging the early manifestation of the environmental awareness characterizing her entire catalog of compositions. Beautiful Soop, an interesting mix of synthesized sounds and quotes from Lewis Carroll poetry and other sources, provides an excellent example of the composer s fascination and effective experimentation with tape delay techniques and the careful placing of musical information within the stereo space. After more than thirty years the practice and perfection of the aesthetic principles and concerns first outlined in these pieces continues in the new work of the Deep Listening Band and illustrates Oliveros strength as a technically savvy composer who has not lost sight of her creative purpose. An excerpt of Alien Bog was released on Music From Mills - a recording produced by David Rosenboom - in 1986. However, this new cd marks the work s first full-length presentation as well as the premiere release of Beautiful Soop. Though taken from the original tapes, the recordings are of excellent fidelity with only a few hisses and clicks evident in Beautiful Soop. Accessed 15.11.06 from