Pauline Oliveros - Lions Eye/Lions Tale
  Year :   1985
  Location :   USA
  Worktype :   CD
  Materials:   Commission
  Info :   Barbara Benary for Gamelan Son of Lion. Lions Eye for Synthesizer was commissioned concurrently by Neil Rolnick for iEAR Presents at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Both versions were performed in 1985.

  Work Details  
  The intention to combine both pieces in order to expand the tempo range of the Gamelan was first realized in May of 1989 in performances by the Berkeley Gamelan in Oakland and San Francisco, California under the direction of Daniel Schmidt. This version of Lions Eye is recorded on this disc. The duration of Lions Eye is forty-five minutes. Lions Tale (1989) is composed of layered polymetrical, polyrhythmical patterns. The patterns are played at speeds ranging up to 1800 per minute. The composer designed patterns are generated by the computer program. Lion s Tale may be created in a new version every time the program is run. Lion s Tale also exists in a MIDI version for a keyboard performer.