Pauline Oliveros - The Deep Listening Band
  Year :   1992
  Location :   USA
  Worktype :   Ensemble
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  Work Details  
  The Deep Listening Band (DLB) arrived in Chicago late Sunday and early Monday (11 and 12 April 1992) just as the town was being evacuated from the great tunnel flood. What is it about the DLB that relates so well to water? The DLB was formed by accident 8 October 1988 while recording its award winning Deep Listening CD for New Albion Records in a two million gallon cistern with a reverberation time of 45 seconds on an old military base (Fort Worden) 70 miles northwest of Seattle. Just a few months later the DLB was recording Troglodytes Delight for ¿What Next? Records (reissued in 1998 on O. O. Discs) in an old limestone quarry (Tarpaper Cave) near Rosendale, New York which had lovely dripping water sounds and Valhalla-like mists. About a year and a half after that the DLB was once again in the cistern to record The Ready Made Boomerang CD released in January 1992, also on New Albion. This upstart Deep Listening Band worships in a cistern chapel (and) explores the mysterious spaces between notes, where all is sweet dissonance and beading microtones according to Marc Weidenbaum in the April 1992 issue of Pulse! In December of 1991 the Deep Listening Band went to perform in Jameos del Agua, a marvelous concert space built in a lava cave, containing a pond, on Lanzarote, the northernmost Canary Island. By this time keyboardist David Gamper had been with the DLB for a year joining trombonist, Stuart Dempster, accordionist Pauline Oliveros and vocalist/computer wizard Panaiotis. The DLB is a composer collective--usually improvising in the moment, and experimenting with all kinds of instruments and electronics: Dempster on conch shells, didjeridus and garden hose; Gamper on overtone flutes, and found instruments, and continuing to develop the Expanded Instrument System (EIS); Oliveros on voice, bells, and conch shells. The DLB has regularly invited guests to perform with it. Dancer/vocalist Julie Lyon (Balliett) Rose, vocalist Thomasa Eckert, percussionists Fritz Hauser and George Marsh, writer Ione, performance artist Linda Montano, and clarinetist William O. Smith form only a small part of the guest list. Whether performing in San Francisco at Life On the Water (October 1990); in Austin with the Sharir Dance Company (March 1990) or the Ellen Fullman Long String Instrument (1994); in Brussels, Oslo, and Stockholm (April 1991); in Lanzarote (December 1991); Tokyo (December 1992) in a hall with over 700 loudspeakers in the walls and ceiling; rattling our Pots and Pans in New Yorks The Kitchen (January 1995); or performing in the World Financial Center Winter Garden (February 1998), the DLB stands ready to sink to new depths. The DLB doesnt play just anywhere! Certainly an unexpected depth was reached with events leading up to Panaiotis resignation in June 1993; the DLB had to reinvent itself. While this was going on, and unbeknownst to the DLB, a group at the Alternative Festival in Moscow led by Anton Bugatov played along with our Troglodyte s Delight CD in our first virtual concert; one could say they were DLB guests! Barely six months after the personnel change the DLB played a monumental (Ione s description) benefit Non-Stop Flight concert in Kingston, New York in January 1994 inviting some 13 guest performers (modeled after the five hour Marathon in Japan)--the DLBB (Deep Listening Big Band)! Work then took place with composer Ellen Fullman and her Long String Instrument (LSI) in three separate week long residencies in Austin, Texas during January, February, and November 1994 culminating in several fantastic energizing performances. Fullman represents the fourth of ten DLB commissions (other composers are Thomas Buckner, David Gamper, Joe Giardullo, Fritz Hauser, Linda Montano, Joe McPhee, Panaiotis, Pauline Oliveros, and Baikida Carroll). The DLB released two CDs during 1995. Sanctuary, recorded in Kingston, New York s lovely old Trinity United Methodist Church (TUMC) on Mode Records, features Non-Stop Flight mentioned above, along with the Expanded Instrument System* (EIS) and TUMC s unique Tracker organ. Tosca Salad represents a two year DLB history, from June 1993 to May 1995. This CD sampler introduced the Deep Listening* label and presents twelve excerpts from concerts and recording sessions including Ten Ears Celebration in honor of the tenth anniversary of the Pauline Oliveros Foundation. Two more CDs have been released: Suspended Music (1997) features the DLB with Ellen Fullman s Long String Instrument in two DLB commissions: Fullman s TexasTravelTexture and Pauline Oliveros Epigraphs in the Time of AIDS. This CD also introduced the Seattle label, Periplum. Non Stop Flight (1998), released on Music and Arts, is an excerpted recording of a concert at Mills College dedicated to the memory of David Tudor: 4 Hours and 33 minutes, a trope on Cage s 4 33, with many Bay Area guests. Several CDs are in the works. One close at hand is Deep Time, featuring Fritz Hauser as a DLB commissioned composer and performer. The September 1998 performance in Low Library rotunda at Columbia University with Ellen Fullman begins Deep Listening Band Decade, a year long celebration of the DLB s first ten years. Accessed 15.11.06 from