Bob Ostertag - DJ of the Month - Solo Volume Two
  Year :   2002
  Location :   USA
  Worktype :   Album
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  Work Details  
  Long-awaited follow-up to Mr. Ostertags first solo CD release (Like a Melody, No Bitterness, also on Seeland). Once again, this notorious digital-hatchet-man of San Francisco has unleashed a mind-melting, CD-player-laser-shorting-out masterpiece of manipulation. DJ of the Month is a 40:48 non-stop cavalcade of severely manipulated sound sources, radically altered beyond all recognition in a truly sonic tornado. Bobs liner notes recommend that the listener skip it altogether if he/she does not have an uninterrupted 40:48 listening environment available, and we couldnt agree more. This is meditation on burning coals, thoughtful reflection as window panes fall on you from collapsing buildings above. And the front cover is signed by John Ashcroft!!! Accessed 12.11.06 from