Negativland - DISPEPSI
  Year :   1997
  Location :   USA
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  Work Details  
  All of the cola commercials that were appropriated, transformed, and reused in this recording attempted to assault us in our homes without permission. Other sources reused include: talk radio, MOMMIE DEAREST, tabloid TV, Pepsi and Shirlie, documentary TV, Bryan Ferry, the news, Ice-T, public service announcements, Asha Bhosle, MC Lyte, The Clio Awards, traditional Burmese music, the OJ Simpson Trial, motivational marketing tapes by advertising executives. Fearing trademark problems (as advised by five volunteer lawyers), the DISPEPSI title does not appear anywhere on or inside the release. A sticker on the original pressings of the disc instructed buyers to phone a word of mouth line to learn the actual title. Three months after the release of DISPEPSI, however, PepsiCo officially stated that it had no intention of ever taking legal action against Negativland for trademark or copyright infringement, so Negativland began using the actual title in press releases and on this website. CD packaged with One World Advertising fold-out. No personnel listings.