Negativland - Pastor Dick Rains On Your Hit Parade
  Year :   1998
  Location :   USA
  Worktype :   Web Project
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  Over the past thirty years, I have been inspired by the work of such great evangelists as Bob Larson, Hilly Marmon, and Jack (and Rexella) Van Impe. From generation to generation, their bold condemnation of rock music has sent a strong message to young and old alike. From the Beatles to the Beastie Boys, from Woodstock to Whitesnake, these dedicated men of God have risked their lives and careers taking on the commercial music industry and its blatant (and successful) attempt to manipulate and control the lives of modern-day youth. I have always wondered though, why so little attention has been focused on the kind of music these kids parents are listening to. Of course Mom and Pops intolerance of heavy metal, alternative, and gangsta rap are justified, but are blasphemy and immorality any less harmful when set to a softer beat? Are we to accept perverse and ungodly messages simply because they seem harmless when presented in a good times, great oldies or listen at work format? Should that which is against Gods principles be deemed credible just because it is piped into every supermarket and department store in America? Negativland have generously given me the opportunity to break new ground and to free those who have been sucked in and held captive by the adult contemporary scene. So turn off your radio and pick your selection from the easy listening library in my jukebox to find out the truth behind the lush instrumentation and banal cliches you unconciously tap your toes to each and every day.