John Wynne - 230 Unwanted Speakers
  Year :   2006
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   Sound installation
  Materials:   Walnut Grained Vinyl Veneered Particleboard Construction
  Info :   Hull Art Lab, Hull

  Work Details  
  This 17-channel site specific sound installation was made for Hull Art Lab. Like Fallender ton für 207 lautsprecher boxen it made use of the aural equivalent of an optical illusion, although this time instead of a constantly falling tone, an apparently endlessly rising set of tones was used. The sounds circulating around the outer speakers were synthesised in situ in response to the ambient sounds in and around this former potato warehouse and were designed to blur the boundaries between the real and the synthetic. The sounds used on the central speakers were pure sine tones edited and arranged for 8 channel diffusion.