Francois Bayle - Son Vitesse-Lumière
  Year :   1980
  Location :   France
  Worktype :   -
  Materials:   -
  Info :   unspecified

  Work Details  
  A major work by Francois Bayle, Son Vitesse-Lumiere (Sound Speed-Light ) was composed in parts during a period of several years. Of Grandeur Nature (1980), Bayle writes, Imagine an object that is coming to visit us from many light years away ... Of Paysage, Personnage, Nuage (1980), It comes in snatches, like interference on a radio. The scene continues ... Of Voyage au Centre de la Tete (1981), The object moves inside us ... Of Le Sommeil d Euclide (1983), This piece describes orbs, spiral steps, intertwined parallels ... Of 'Lumiere Ralentie' (1983), The 'object' has become wind ... In summary, Bayle's sense of sound is in fact a sense of activity, of the way things happen, and his music moves us along his poetically constructed paths. This is a two-CD set with excellent documentation.