Francois Bayle - Camera oscura
  Year :   1976
  Location :   France
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  Materials:   -
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  Work Details  
  Featuring 2 long pieces: Camera Oscura (1976) and Espaces Inhabitables (1967). Camera Oscura is a literal 39 minute-minute tour de force of Bayles stereophonic fabric, the perfect ping, so to speak: At first a rhythmic maze, mirrors-form that look more-or-less alike, that are assembled, woven, fuged. Then we find ourselves thrown into windings and crystallised sonorities, in which the lines would be lost if they were not supported by low layers, from plateau to plateau, seemingly leading to a muter and muter deep, to the bottom of an abyss that heat and light would reach (maybe), in extremis. But for the ear, those constructions in sequence, processes, stretching, extensions, transpositions, thickenings, harmonisation, spatialisation, reverberations and dissipation are only forms and impressions left on the memory, in view of a joy of a multidimensional, fulfilled hearing.