Patrick McGinley - oracle extended (excerpt)
  Year :   2003
  Location :   England
  Worktype :   -
  Materials:   -
  Info :   From the album definition released by absurd

  Work Details  
  the three pieces on definition were recorded independently in the same year as eyes like a fish (oracle extended before, the other two after). only later did I decide to try to release them on one cd. each of these pieces was created around one specific recording (simonís f.ís loop, the bicycle wheel, and my old freezer); other elements were added to serve them. with definition I decided to let the sounds truly take as much time as they wanted, and to create fields without necessarily progressing linearly (its perhaps my theatre background that often leads me to a progressive compositional style). in this way i hoped the listener would become familiar and comfortable with the details of the sounds; to be with them long enough to surpass their first impressions and arrive at a fuller experience of them. track info: o oracle extended (21:17): synth loop, trumpet, water bottle, feedback o spoke speak (16:37): bicycle wheel o liquid solid (21:08): freezer, rain, fluorescent lighting, airplane landing gear, shop alarm all compositions and source recordings made in 2000 using minidisc, stereo microphone, analogue 4-track, reverb, distortion and delay synth loop constructed by simon f. Accessed 5.11.06 from